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Equities are company shares that are listed on the financial markets that can be publicly traded. When it comes to placing spread bets or proceeding with CFD trades on equities, investors trade on the movement of a stock's value rather than purchasing that stock. Traders gain profits or incur losses based on the direction in which the stock market subsequently moves in relation to their position in the market.


In contrast to indices, commodities, and forex pairs, when trading equities, each stock option belongs to a particular business. This enables traders to carry out more focussed research around one particular company or sector.


It is not uncommon for global corporations to have cross listings, whereby they offer their equity shares on stock exchanges other than their domestic exchange. For example, Sony shares can be bought on the Nikkei index (Sony’s domestic exchange) as well as the New York Stock Exchange. This means that when the Nikkei is closed, Sony shares are still available to trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

Cross listing can increase the liquidity of a stock because it allows investors to choose from a range of markets from which to trade a company’s shares. It can also increase the ability of a company to raise capital. Cross listings can often decrease the bid-ask spread, making it easier for traders from other countries to buy and sell shares at any time.

Many foreign-based businesses that list their shares in US based markets do so via American Depositary Receipts to do so (ADRs). An ADR is a share that can be bought or sold on US stock exchanges, and represents a defined number of shares in a foreign company. Depositary receipts enable traders all over the world to buy and sell a multinational corporation’s shares. They also allow US companies to list shares on European and Asian markets, which may become more widely used if the US dollar is weak in relation to major foreign currencies for a long period of time. The increasing popularity of depositary receipts has helped to increase the number of businesses listing on markets in foreign countries.


Access Trade Options offers thousands of equities to choose from, enabling clients to trade on products listed on indices from all over the world. The company provides access to stocks from the world’s most widely traded financial indices, such as the FTSE100, Dow Jones, S&P500, Nasdaq, DAX30 and the Nikkei 225. All-in-all, HIGH clients can select equities from over 20 different countries.

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Significant Choice HIGH offers thousands of equities for clients to trade on, with stocks from a variety of different countries available for HIGH traders, from some of the world’s largest international corporations.

Available on Two Different Platform Access Trade Options clients can trade equities via the HIGH TraderPro and HIGH MT4 platforms.

Mobile Equity Trading Stock values move fast; however, the advanced access to the markets available to Access Trade Options platform users via mobile trading apps allow traders to respond quickly to such moments.